Wellness through Martial Arts (video)

Dr. Kachmann talks with Martial Arts instructor Steve Basche about what it takes to maintain the discipline and proper mindset to live healthy, while getting or staying in excellent shape. *** Here's an audio version you can download to your smart phone and listen to on the go. [We're having technical difficulties with the audio files on the new blog layout - sorry for the inconvenience.] Never miss an episode and be the first to learn about lecture topics by signing up for t

The Science Behind Low-Carb Diets (video & podcast)

You've heard of Atkins and Keto. But do they really work? And even if you lose weight, will you be healthier? Dr. Kachmann and Dr. Ahmed break down the science. If you don't have time to watch the video, here's a podcast of the episode to download on your smart phone to listen to while you drive, walk the dog, work out, or do anything else that leaves your ears unoccupied. Sign up for email notifications so you never miss an episode. Just click here and type in your email add

Addiction vs. Freedom (video & podcast)

Dr. Kachmann talks with Minister Jeff Carroll about his work helping addicts recover at The Dream Center in Huntington, IN. They discuss what causes addictions and what the best way is to help others overcome them. Carroll has a unique approach that involves no drugs or anything other than habit management and social support. *** And if you prefer podcasts, here's an audio version, free to download. Dr. Kachmann will also be hosting a wellness tent this weekend (Sept 8-9) at

The Gut Biome and Your Health Part 2

Dr. Kachmann continues his discussion of how your gut biome affects your overall health, this time with Dr. Ahmed, an obesity specialist. They talk about the role of your body's internal ecosystem on how much weight you gain or lose. It's an overlooked element to your wellness, one that you can't afford to ignore. Sign up for email notifications so you never miss an episode. Just click here and type in your email address. Don't miss this month's lecture on exercise science. C

The Gut Biome and Your Health Part 1 (video)

In this episode, Dr. Kachmann explains what your gut biome is and how it affects your health. What's going on in this ecosystem inside your body has a variety of consequences for how you look, how much weight you gain or lose, and how you feel. Don't miss an episode. Sign up for the Kachmann Newsletter by following this link and typing in your email address. Don't miss the August lecture! Click here to visit the event page on Facebook. *** You can see Dr. Kachmann's Access TV

Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes (video)

Researchers have been spending millions of dollars looking for Alzheimer's treatments based the idea that it's a disease of the genes. For the most part, they've come up with bupkis. Now a new theory is being examined--or rather an old theory is being re-examined. Alzheimer's may just be a metabolic, as opposed to a genetic, disease. That's where Dr. Kachmann comes in, because that puts Alzheimer's in the same category as diabetes. And once again the message is perfectly clea

CBD Oil and Marijuana (video)

You've seen the signs on the corners by the strip malls. You may have even stood reading the labels, with those long lists of health benefits, including everything from helping you sleep to preventing seizures, even to warding off cancer. But what exactly is this CBD oil? Where does it come from? And does it really do all the things it promises? Dr. Kachmann has done the digging. And he's found some things that are troubling. There's a lot of money getting passed around wh

The Gluten Story (video)

The role of gluten in your overall health--as well as your susceptibility to diabetes and vascular disease--is a topic Dr. Kachmann has covered in depth before. But this time he's brought Dr. Ahmed, an expert in the treatment of obesity, on the show to share his own insights. Together, they quickly wander into some fascinating new territory. Anyone concerned about gluten sensitivity can't afford to miss it. If you like these videos or just want to keep up-to-date with Dr. Kac

Combatting Vascular Disease (video)

Vascular Disease is another in the long list of conditions you can take responsibility for preventing in yourself. But so few of us know what all that entails. Dr. Kachmann and Dr. Ahmed go through the basics of what vascular disease is, what causes it, and what you can do to make sure you and your loved ones never suffer from it. If you haven't signed up for the Newsletter, go to the sign-up page and type in your email to make sure you don't miss any updates. Don't miss Dr.

An Obesity Expert on the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes (video)

Dr. Kachmann converses with Dr. Mahtab Ahmed about the connection between being overweight and diabetes. One of the biggest insights Dr. Ahmed shares is that the best way to treat diabetes is to prevent it, which means paying attention to health and wellness before obesity sets in. This is essentially taking us back to a time before we even had access to insulin to treat diabetes. What it means is that diabetes isn't something that just happens to you and your loved ones.

Going to Pot (video)

Dr. Kachmann's most controversial topic -- and here's his deepest dive into the details. As more states legalize marijuana and the federal government debates doing likewise, it's more important than ever that we all understand the consequences of regular use. Dr. Kachmann has reviewed the science, and he sees cause for alarm. But this is definitely one area where he encounters some passionate resistance. So hear him out first, but then let us know what you think in the commen

Preventing, Stopping, and Reversing Depression (video)

At some point in our lives, most of us deal with depression--though some of us deal with a more severe form of it than others. But depression isn't just something that happens when your life gets difficult or when you face some tragedy. And the best treatment isn't always in pill form. In this episode, Dr. Kachmann talks with a psychiatric social worker about the lifestyle changes--including diet and exercise--that can make you more resiliently happy. And they both discuss th

Avoiding Sitting Disease

You can't help it -- you sit at your desk at work. You sit to relax at home. We're all living more sedentary lifestyles. But what is all that sitting doing to our health? The sad truth is that a sedentary lifestyle saps your energy, wreaks havoc with your cardiovascular system, and could drastically diminish your longevity. And that's even if you exercise! But there's hope. In this episode, Dr. Kachmann shares some insights from the scientific research to help you prevent

Killing Our Kids (Video)

It's not just terrible nutrition. Many kids start off life already addicted to substances ranging from narcotics to sugary foods. Then there's the recent surge of gun violence in schools and on campuses. What are we doing to our kids? In this video, one of Dr. Kachmann's most personal and heart-felt, we find out about all the ways we're harming--and even killing--our children, often without even knowing we're doing it. More importantly, we find out some things we can do to pr

Americare - It's Our Moral Obligation

Ever wonder what actual doctors think we should do to fix our healthcare system? Dr. Kachmann lets us know what he thinks in this video, based on his upcoming book, Americare. (To get notified when Americare is available on Amazon, subscribe to the Kachmann Health Newsletter by clicking here and providing your email.) Update: Americare is now available through Amazon. Upcoming Event in April 2018 (Click on the image to visit the Facebook event page.) The single biggest lesson

Life off the Label (part 3)

The final installment of Dr. kachmann's discussions about the book Life off the Label, by Colleen Kachmann. Once again, the author joins her father-in-law to share her thoughts and ideas #video #Books #HealthyLifestyle

Life off the Label (part 2)

Dr. Kachmann is back to discuss the book Life off the Label with the author herself, his daughter-in-law Colleen Kachmann. #Books #HealthyLifestyle #video

Life Off the Label (Part 1)

Dr. Kachmann discusses the book Life off the Label by Colleen Kachmann, his daughter-in-law. The book is about taking responsibility for your own health and making the changes you need to make for a longer, more energetic, and happier life. #video #HealthyLifestyle #Books