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Rudy Kachmann, MD

Renowned Medical Expert, Author, Lecturer, National and Internationally recognized  Key note speaker, Famed Neurosurgeon, TV Host, and Medical Director of the Kachmann Mind Body  Institute.

Dr. Kachmann is involved in numerous outreach projects. 

           Dr. Rudy Kachmann’s accomplishments are numerous and has received numerous awards. Dr. Kachmann has authored books, Magazine publications, Medical books, DVDs and audio CDs. He has appeared on network morning, noon, and evening news programs. In addition to these appearances,  Dr. Kachmann has filmed and appeared on PBS. 


           Dr. Kachmann is a passionate , wise and caring healer who is committed to helping people transforms their lives by showing them how to rise above their limitations, remove their roadblocks, rekindle their dreams , and transform their life by helping them understand their “whole person” connection. He is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by explaining to them the importance of the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. 


      Dr. Kachmann’s years of experience as a neurosurgeon is critical to helping people learn the importance of how to avoid the huge cost of medical care, dangerous and unnecessary medications, injections, and surgeries.

Keynote speaker Topics:                    


Health and Wellness

LifestyleWork/ Health and Life Balance Stress Management

Exercise and Nutrition

Healthy weight loss

Corporate wellness motivator


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