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Mind Your Body - Mind Your Health

The Mind, Body Connection has been discussed and debated throughout the years as far back as the dark ages.  It has been a curious subject matter not only in the medical field, but other various fields such as art and philosophy.   The understanding of the mind-body connection is critical to helping individuals advocate for their own personal health and well-being in addition to the health and wellness of their family members.   It is not until we learn to treat the "disease" of the mind, that we can learn how the mind controls every area of our life.   Learn how the mind, body connection impacts serious illness to every day annoying bodily complaints and how understanding this connection can positively

 impact your life and the life of your loved ones forever. 



This book will help you:


  • Understand why the majority of our medical problems do not need heroic medical intervention.

  • Gain an appreciation of the mind-body connection.

  •  Reconnect the brain to the body for better overall health.

  • Avoid unnecessary medical procedures.

  • Become healthier, happier, and stress-free.

"Did, you know that your memory exists in more than your brain, and that we can actually rewire our brain to help improve the way we feel in everyday life?

-Dr. Kachmann

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Welcome To Your MindBody

By Gary Fike on October 30, 2007


"Dr. Rudy Kachmann is one of a growing number of physicians that recognises the connection between the mind and the body. What happens in the mind ultimately affects the body and what happens in the body ultimately affects the mind ... Anyone interested in the mind/body connection and how it works should pick up a copy of this book. Its simplicity and clarity can be understood by almost anyone. Better yet, pick up a copy for your elected officials. It might keep you out of bankruptcy someday. Dr. Kachmann has given us a very good read."

Gary Fike, D.C. C.M.T.
Ft. Wayne, IN

"60 percent of people who go to a doctor have

stress-related symptoms  that are preventable"

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