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For Children


Dr. Kachmann is highly invested in building a better future for tomorrow with character-based education that includes speaking to the heart of the matter with his published books Kids Scripts, and The Call of Life. In his 40+plus years of neuro-surgery, he has found that many of life's trauma's heart aches and even in some cases injuries could be lessened by making better choices that include the management of  physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  


 Unfortunately, many children and families are limited and make their life choices due to having limited resources.  This is why Dr. Kachmann  is a firm believer in extending education that improves the lives of children and their families in his authored resources, and his once a month lectures. Dr.  Kachmann also takes great care to bring music, art, and culture to our youth as he recognizes the value of our youth with development of their minds and their personal growth.  For information on how to have Dr. Kachmann come speak at your school in person or via technology please visit our special events page. 


Kid Scripts is the child-centered coloring companion to The Call of Life: Twenty Prescriptions for Living the Good Life by Dr. Rudy Kachmann. Collectively, these twenty scripts create a plan for living our lives in caring, peaceful, and healthy ways. 

It is our hope, that each of the twenty prescriptions will serve as discussion starters for children and their families; and by reflecting on the illustrations as they are colored, these good living choices will begin to take root in the hearts and minds of our youngest.

Comes with 8 crayons

Since 1969, Dr. Rudy Kachmann has served Northeastern Indiana as a neurosurgeon. His experiences, relationships, and observations inspired a life message within his heart that has come to be known asThe Call of Life. This message has been spread musically, dramatically, by means of curriculum, and in public memorial walls and sculpturings. The essence of The Call is stated in twenty principles entitledTwenty Prescriptions for Living the Good Life. 

These Prescriptions emphasize character development, positive heath choices, and the advancement of tolerance and acceptance in our communities.

Includes music CD of the song,

"The Call of Life".



  • Change the way children eat and understand food.

  • Provide children with healthy and delicious meals and snacks.

  • Reconnect children and families to real food.

  • Inspire future generations to make healthier choices, every day.

Fun Fact

Dr. Kachmann learned that he wanted to be a doctor by watching his mother as a midwife have to use kitchen utensils as tools. This is one of the many ways he has seen medicine evolve as technology has advanced to where we are today. 

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