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May Event Recap: Dr. Kachmann's Lecture on Alzheimer's

Dr. Kachmann’s central message is that lifestyle habits affect our health far more than biology, so changing our habits is often far more impactful than taking any medications.

Yet too many of us think of diagnoses like diabetes, cancer, or Alzheimer’s as inevitable if the stars, or our genes, aren’t aligned properly. This is the “myth” of Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Kachmann debunked for his audience on Tuesday.

It turns out that most cases of age-related cognitive decline can be traced back to a poor diet by way of insulin intolerance. What this means is that the same things that will help you avoid Type II diabetes, keep you fit and energetic, and have you living to a ripe and active old age will also help you keep your marbles well into your latter decades.

“Sugar’s the bugger!” is the take-home message once again.

Instead of donuts and fast food, opt for a nutrient-dense diet. That doesn’t mean eating less; it means eating more foods with vitamins and phytochemicals—as you find in fruit smoothies for instance.

Fittingly, Tuesday’s lecture culminated with a raffle for a Ninja blender. And the winner was sitting right next to yours truly. (Sherie is my girlfriend Alicia’s mom.)

After the event, Dr. Kachmann treated his audience to dinner at Chappell’s, where we had live music, and even a magic show. Dr. Kachmann even got up to sing himself, which seems to be turning into a regular occurrence. (See video below.)

It was an eye-opening, entertaining night. The most inspiring thing about it all though is that Dr. Kachmann put on the event and had us all out to dinner at his own expense. “I do this,” he says, “because I care about you.”

And from the tone of his voice you can tell he genuinely does.

Stay tuned for details about next month’s lecture, which will be on avoiding cancer.

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Here's Sherie (with the red hair) holding her Ninja, graciously donated by Sheila Walker of 3 Rivers Pharmacy.

Dr. Kachmann singing to us at Chappell's.

You can see Dr. Kachmann's Access TV Shows Mondays at 6:30 pm or Wednesdays at 6:00 pm on Comcast channel 57.

You can hear him on the radio at 95.7 WELT on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm and Thursdays at 8:00 am.

You can attend one of his monthly evening lectures at the Kachmann Auditorium in Lutheran Hospital (check Facebook for event details).

Or you can visit him after 9:00 am on Fridays at 3 Rivers Pharmacy on North Anthony, where he gives free consultations.

See you all at June’s lecture!

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