August Lecture Recap (The Science of Exercise)

Something magical happened during the Q&A portion of Dr. Kachmann's lecture Tuesday night. A man named David stood up to tell everyone about how his 88-year-old father had been in decline after his wife of 63 years passed away. David, however, was not ready to give up on his dad, so he started attending Dr. Kachmann's lectures and sharing what he learned. You can see David's father in the picture here. He's lost weight, regained his strength enough to start doing yoga, and--a

CBD Oil and Marijuana (video)

You've seen the signs on the corners by the strip malls. You may have even stood reading the labels, with those long lists of health benefits, including everything from helping you sleep to preventing seizures, even to warding off cancer. But what exactly is this CBD oil? Where does it come from? And does it really do all the things it promises? Dr. Kachmann has done the digging. And he's found some things that are troubling. There's a lot of money getting passed around wh

May Event Recap: Dr. Kachmann's Lecture on Alzheimer's

Dr. Kachmann’s central message is that lifestyle habits affect our health far more than biology, so changing our habits is often far more impactful than taking any medications. Yet too many of us think of diagnoses like diabetes, cancer, or Alzheimer’s as inevitable if the stars, or our genes, aren’t aligned properly. This is the “myth” of Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Kachmann debunked for his audience on Tuesday. It turns out that most cases of age-related cognitive decline can b

April Event Recap: Dr. Kachmann's Lecture on Preventing (Even Reversing) Diabetes

The lecture this past Tuesday night was a milestone in that we saw more people than in previous months. But it was really just a continuation of the growth in attendance we've been seeing for each event. Dr. Kachmann covers some critically important topics, and he covers them in ways even other doctors often can't - or won't. All too often, we go to our doctors complaining of pain or fatigue or immobility, and they either send us off to a specialist or write us a prescription