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April Event Recap: Dr. Kachmann's Lecture on Preventing (Even Reversing) Diabetes

The lecture this past Tuesday night was a milestone in that we saw more people than in previous months. But it was really just a continuation of the growth in attendance we've been seeing for each event.

Dr. Kachmann covers some critically important topics, and he covers them in ways even other doctors often can't - or won't.

All too often, we go to our doctors complaining of pain or fatigue or immobility, and they either send us off to a specialist or

write us a prescription on the spot. What Dr. Kachmann learned over his 40-plus years as a top neurosurgeon was that lifestyle has at least as much to do with our health problems as any physical causes.

He talks a lot about looking into his patients' eyes, asking them what's going on in their lives, and taking the time to explain to them what it means to live healthy. The lecture last Tuesday was about diabetes, and his main point was that we cause the disease ourselves with our poor diets and failure to get up off our butts.

It's not all our fault though. Food industry lobbyists have governments and institutions from schools to hospitals giving us outdated information based on corporately sponsored research. That's where Dr. Kachmann comes in. He's made it his mission to get the real research findings out there for all of us to benefit from.

His lectures are just one part of that mission. But they're probably the part he most enjoys because it allows him to see and talk with his audience face-to-face.

Cali Minich with her painting

It's amazing to go to the Kachmann Auditorium and see how many lives he's touched. I feel immense gratitude that Dr. Kachmann has asked me to help him get the word out, and I'm going to keep doing everything I can to keep the momentum building.

Stay tuned for details on the next lecture.

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In the meantime, the gist of Dr. Kachmann's message about preventing diabetes is that we all need to control our weight. It's not about eating less, though; it's about eating a nutrient-dense diet. It's not about working out like crazy; it's about increasing our activity of living.

(For more details, check out some of Dr. Kachmann's videos. You can start with Fast Food Genocide.)

And I can't sign off without a word on how fun the evening was (thanks in large part to Faye's efforts). Dr. Kachmann always invites everyone out to Chappell's for dinner after the lecture, and this time was no different.

Scroll down for some images and a very telling video.


Cali Minich painted this gorgeous image of Dr. Kachmann's cats to show her appreciation.

The whole gang at Chappell's

Here's me with Dr. Kachmann and his new painting.

Dr. Kachmann getting ready to start the lecture

More from Chappell's

And here's that video. He's a true inspiration.

Now be sure to attend the May 2018 Event! (Click on the image below to check out the Facebook Event listing).

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