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Harming & Killing Our Children: Dr Kachmann's New Book


Harming and Killing Our Children with Fast Food

Fast food means you can eat it fast, get it fast, and gather it into your fat cells fast, without much effort.

The food itself that is sold is full of sugar and bad Omega six fats, the main cause of children being overweight, obese, and having many chronic diseases, including: diabetes, memory loss, brain damage, thyroid disease, bad teeth, liver and kidney disease, generalized vascular disease including heart attacks and amputations, bowel and skin disease, and on and on. All that could be prevented by eating nutrient-dense food instead. Besides, fast food is highly addictive.

The health effects of regularly consuming fast food maybe even more severe than smoking.

Fast food is served at commercial chain restaurants, where processed meats, pizza, burgers, French fries, pretzels, soft drinks, and rich desserts are made in an assembly line process, flavored with chemical sprays and commercial ingredients that are duplicated and dispensed all over the world, repeating the same pattern as the obesity epidemic in the US. These foods also include man-made chemicals, processed grains (grains with the nutrients removed), sugar, salt, all doused in oil with minimal nutrient content. Remember good food is full of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which fuel the machinery of the body and lead to great health.

Some people call them “fake” foods: frozen waffles, deli sandwiches, frozen pizza, bags of chips—sure these are all easily available at our local supermarkets and convenience stores. But processing foods removes and destroys their fragile micronutrients and phytochemicals, which we need for cellular factories. These foods also put a lot of toxins in our body, forcing our already overworked livers to save our lives.

Toxins added to fast food and processed foods include artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, pesticides, anti-foaming agents, emulsifiers, stabilizes, and thickeners. These ingredients give foods that texture and consistency that consumers expect. You can see how fast foods are full of toxins: they accelerate death with these added toxins, but also by supplying concentrated calories without fiber and micronutrients, which we need to have a healthy body.

Fast food is sold in every conceivable way: gas stations, commercial outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, airplanes—just plain everywhere, and soon Amazon will even deliver it to your door.

These foods behave like a drug that damages the whole body of children, especially the brain.

We are causing our children to commit suicide on the installment plan, making a payment every day. Some school lunches and soda machines are making a payment to poor health every day. I know of some hospitals that even have donut shops and soda pop machines in them.

Fat on the body is not just a cosmetic issue; it’s better than a blood test. A pot belly indicates prediabetes or diabetes 95% of the time. Many have never been tested, or have been incorrectly tested, to make a diagnosis that could lead to treatment.

A person who eats fried foods, fast food, and processed foods has at least 10 times the heart attack risk of someone who eats reasonably healthy food. Past scientific studies, survey studies, and clinical evidence, all show a person eating a nutrient-dense diet has at least a hundredfold less risk of developing prediabetes and diabetes than one eating a diet of salt, fat, and sugar. Many parents addict their children to sugar because of lack of knowledge.

Eating fast food to or three times per week increases the risk of dying from coronary artery disease more than 50%. But the greatest risk was found in the subjects who ate fast food four or more times weekly. The risk of dying from corner heart disease rose 80% under those conditions. Eating fast food just once a week increases heart risk by 20%. It’s all scientifically proven. Just read Fast Food Genocideby Dr. Joel Fuhrman for scientific references.

Fast food is digested and absorbed rapidly. It contains multiple synthetic ingredients. It is calorie-dense. It doesn’t have the necessary vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals for good health. It is highly flavored and addictive, and it contains excess salt and sugar.

The faster food enters the bloodstream, the higher the release of fat storage hormones and the greater the increase in dopamine, the “quick fix” neuropeptide of addiction. Because of the hormonal effects, fast foods initiate and perpetuate food addiction and cravings. The chief fat storage hormone is insulin, which increases because of sugar and leads to fat storage, weight gain, cellular degradation, and eventually cancer, dementia, and chronic inflammation in the whole body.

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