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Addiction vs. Freedom (video & podcast)

Dr. Kachmann talks with Minister Jeff Carroll about his work helping addicts recover at The Dream Center in Huntington, IN. They discuss what causes addictions and what the best way is to help others overcome them. Carroll has a unique approach that involves no drugs or anything other than habit management and social support. *** And if you prefer podcasts, here's an audio version, free to download. Dr. Kachmann will also be hosting a wellness tent this weekend (Sept 8-9) at

Going to Pot (video)

Dr. Kachmann's most controversial topic -- and here's his deepest dive into the details. As more states legalize marijuana and the federal government debates doing likewise, it's more important than ever that we all understand the consequences of regular use. Dr. Kachmann has reviewed the science, and he sees cause for alarm. But this is definitely one area where he encounters some passionate resistance. So hear him out first, but then let us know what you think in the commen

Killing Our Kids (Video)

It's not just terrible nutrition. Many kids start off life already addicted to substances ranging from narcotics to sugary foods. Then there's the recent surge of gun violence in schools and on campuses. What are we doing to our kids? In this video, one of Dr. Kachmann's most personal and heart-felt, we find out about all the ways we're harming--and even killing--our children, often without even knowing we're doing it. More importantly, we find out some things we can do to pr

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